Friday, January 26, 2018

Truth Prevails

So as many of you know if you can recall I was very anti Obama and I posted very openly about my concerns about him during his Presidency. Now we have Trump in office. This most recent election as in elections past I have felt that the choices were pretty slim pickings. I prefer Trump over Obama but In my humble opinion I hate the thought that this country can't do any better. I do not think we have had a decent President since Reagan and can we please pretend that Jimmy Carter was never in the lineup? However, it is inevitable that whoever holds the position is going to fail and will never please everyone. So whatever our issue is with any President as long as they are President we must suck it up. That does not mean we can't have an opinion and unfortunately when there are opinions there are vain arguments and much disrespect. I just hope that whatever my opinion in the future I can avoid arguments and be respectful. 

However, I mention how whoever is in office will fail and never please everyone all the time. With that said, I refer to 1 Samuel Chapters 8 & 9. The Lord was the King over Israel was rejected by the people. The Israelites chose a man (Samuel) over God. Why? Because man is fallen from the day Adam was sent out of the garden. If the Lord who is perfect is not good enough then no one will satisfy. We fail ourselves and yet we expect others to uphold our standards. When we do not get what we want from the Lord we step outside of His will and take what we want despite the consequences and then whine later because of them. So here we are today and we see history repeating itself as we say, "God Bless America."

We are very fortunate that we do not have Presidents in office until the day they die or are ran out of office while there is rioting in the streets. And there are many people who are still alive today who saw the affects of Hitler and his Nazi regime. And I personally for one feel very fortunate to not have been born in North Korea and have a raving lunatic as my leader. 

With all of this said, although there are many scriptures verses I could refer to, I will just refer to what I believe is of the utmost importance. In Luke chapter 23 Jesus was sent to the Roman Ruler Pontious Pilate because a multitude of people brought Jesus to him with false accusations in hopes that He would be executed.  As I mentioned and want to make clear Pontious Pilate was a ruler. He failed miserably as a leader because he passed the buck to Herod who was responsible for Galilee. Herod treated Jesus with cruelty by mocking Him along with the people and then placed a robe on Him which was   A symbol of the mocking. Now, here we have yet another ruler who has failed miserable. Jesus was the Only One Who was without sin yet He was treated as though He had committed horrible crimes. So much that also in Luke Chapter 23 the people chose a murderer the be freed over Jesus. Now I realize that it was prophesied that those events would happen but Pontious Pilate and Herod both made choices that neither one of them had to. If it had not been them it would have been others. 

Here's the thing……although rulers come and go and no matter how good or bad their acceptance rating is society as a whole which equally includes any leader will continue its vicious cycle until the Lord returns. Even though the Israelites rejected the Lord as King in 1 Samuel 8 & 9 and had Jesus crucified in Luke 23 there is hope! The Lord is on the throne. With every fallen leader in scripture the bad turned into good and the truth prevailed! The greatest triumph was when Jesus arose on the third day! Now as we wait Jesus prepares a place for us until the Lord returns from the clouds to set His foot on the Mount of Olives and everyone will see. Every knee will bow and every tongue will confess that Jesus Christ is Lord and the people will be satisfied. Revelation Chapter 21  All things will be made new! There will be no more tears, no more pain nor death! And we shall see a land like no other! 

Do not put your hope in man! Trust in the Lord and you will not be disappointed even when you have evil rulers. There are stories in the Bible (It is not fiction!) of cruel leaders but those who were of the Lord submitted to their authority and what seemed to be doom was only temporary and became beautiful testimonies of the Lords faithfulness ! Not to mention we are instructed to submit to governing authorities in Romans Chapter 13. 

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